Babe Single-Sided Hair - 48 pcs

Babe Single-Sided Hair - 48 pcs

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Babe Single-Sided Hair

Perfect for Fine, Thin Hair

Single Sided Tape makes it possible to use only one Tape-In hair extension weft per section instead of two. In this method, one weft of Tape-In hair is placed on top of each section of hair, and a piece of Single Sided Tape is placed on the other side, sandwiching the hair and sealing in the adhesive. The Single Sided Tape piece essential takes the place of another Tape-In Extension.

The same great effects as traditional Tape-In extensions, with only half the weight.

How do I know if Single Sided Tape is for me?

If you have hair that is too fine or thin for traditional hair extensions, Single Sided Tape-In extensions may be for you. If you’ve been hesitant to try hair extensions because of your thin hair, now is the time to try Single Sided Tape! Talk to your stylist to find the best solution for your hair.

Babe’s other methods of hair extensions are perfectly safe for most types of hair, as long as they are installed and maintained correctly. Single Sided Tape is a great option for those who have never been able to wear hair extensions before.

If you have medium or thick hair and you want to add a lot of length and volume, Single Sided Tape probably isn’t your best option since it won’t provide enough volume to match your natural hair. For a full head of extensions, Single Sided Tape is best for thin haired clients.