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Elite Mannequin Head: Miniature Courtney

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Courtney Mannequin

Meet Courtney, the new real hair doll from HairArt. She’s gorgeous!

Courtney is a miniature designer mannequin, or Doll-E-Quin™, with the highest quality 100% virgin, natural hair. This European human-hair doll has a natural hairline and her hair is woven with the cuticles facing in one direction so it will not tangle when wet. She is one of a kind and the only one in the market.

Show your clients new styles and showcase new cuts and up-dos. Courtney is ideal for educational purposes, too. She is available in a variety of hair colors and skin tones. Her life-like features are complemented by real eyelashes, glass eyes and pierced ears.

Courtney Features:

  • Made of 100% European hair
  • Her European hair is natural and virgin; not chemically processed or bleached
  • She has a natural hairline, making her ideal for cutting and styling
  • Her hair is woven with the cuticles facing in one direction so it will not tangle even when wet
  • She is lightweight and portable so she can travel anywhere
  • Real eyelashes
  • Glass eyes
  • Life-like facial features
  • Pierced ears
  • Mannequin holder
  • 10" Tall
  • 12-14" Long
  • SKU: 4309B, 4309LB, 4309MB, 4309DB, 4308

Courtney is not just a pretty face with a beautiful, natural head of real hair. Well, actually she is, but she is so versatile that you wouldn't know it. Have a look and see what she can do – and for who!

Color Specialists

Avoid disastrous surprises. With the Courtney real-hair doll, you can test the latest in hair color trends before trying them on your actual clients.

“Courtney is always prominently displayed in our salon for clients to see. We constantly change her style and color to show the newest hair trends and techniques our salon is doing for all age groups.”

Hair Stylists

Be creative! You can use this European human-hair doll to show your clients new hairstyles and to showcase new cuts and up-dos.

“Courtney is fantastic for showing clients a new look I want to create for them – before I actually do it!”


Courtney’s long, elegant neck and pierced ears are great for showing off dazzling jewelry. She can also wear trendy sunglasses and the latest in hair ornaments. She is an attractive addition to any store display.


You can’t shampoo your doll’s hair? With the Courtney real-human hair doll you can! Bring out the stylist in you and experiment with Courtney’s hair – give her a ponytail, braid her hair or copy Mommy’s hairstyle. You can even color her hair.

Cosmetology Students

Learn with Courtney! Courtney’s hair is guaranteed to give you REAL results when colored, permed or heat styled. Her natural hairline also makes her ideal for cutting and styling.

“Courtney is small and lightweight – very convenient for me to bring her everywhere with me to educational classes and events.”

 “As a student, I’m always practicing new styling and coloring techniques. Having Courtney to work on is the next best thing to working on a real client because of the quality of the hair.”