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Getting Loaded Educational Financial Program

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Getting Loaded in the Beauty Business is a financial and career education program that has only one goal: to ensure your students meet their financial commitments and succeed in their careers. It is the only financial education program specifically designed for cosmetology schools that is flexible, affordable, customizable, and most important, ongoing. Our basic education package includes:

Complete Education System Includes:

  • Ten DVDs (Five 10-20 minute lessons per DVD):
    • Disc 1: The Easy DVD: Personal Finance Basics
    • Disc 2: The Serious DVD: Insurance
    • Disc 3: The Boring DVD: Taxes & Estate Planning
    • Disc 4: The Quick Fix DVD: Credit
    • Disc 5: The Fun DVD: Spending & Saving
    • Disc 6: The Sexy DVD: Investing
    • Disc 7: The Important DVD: Financial Life Events
    • Disc 8: The Essential DVD: Student Loans
    • Disc 9: The Practical DVD: Pre Interview Skills
    • Disc 10: The Final DVD: The Interview, The Job, & Beyond
  • Resource Guide with Over 100 Financial Forms & Checklists
  • Instructions Guide (Complete with classroom discussion points, fun facts, suggested homework, quizzes and answers for each section of each DVD)
  • Monthly Group Phone Coaching (Twelve 1 hour calls per year where students can ask questions)
  • Lifetime Email Newsletter (tips sent to students long after they graduate)
  • Quarterly Instructor Phone Coaching (Four 1 hour calls per year where instructors can ask questions)
  • Complete Credit Repair System For School Library:
    • 3 DVDs & 1 Audio CD on How to Improve Your Credit (A $159 Value)
      • BONUS DVD: Instructor Welcome DVD! (How to best use the course)
      • BONUS DVD: How to Have a Prosperous Career
      • BONUS DVD: Student Loan Payback 101


  • Complete Eduction System   SKU: GLSTARTERKIT
  • Getting Loaded Workbook (includes online access for 5 years)   SKU: GLWORKBOOK
  • Online Access (no workbook, granted with a user id/password that is valid for 5 years)   SKU: GLONLINEACCESS