Hedlux Airbrush Compressor (TG216)

Hedlux Airbrush Compressor

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Why Airbrush Makeup?
High Definition (HD) technology creates challenges for makeup artists to create flawless skin while looking completely natural on camera. Traditional makeup application that is rubbed on can be highly noticeable under HD technology, while makeup that is “airbrushed” onto the skin lands in small micro droplets. This sheer, almost invisible type of application is what creates the appearance of perfect skin. With each irbrush layer applied, makeup coverage is increased and imperfections disappear.

Airbrush makeup represents the easiest way to neutralize unwanted discoloration, balance skin tones, and hide imperfections. Airbrushing makeup is faster than traditional makeup application and uses a minimum amount of product to achieve maximum results. Airbrushing is safe, reducing the risk of infection or cross contamination and you don’t have to disinfect the gun like you would brushes and sponges.

Increase Students’ Job Opportunities & Revenue with these Uses of HedLux Premium Professional Airbrush Kit:

  • TV, film, & fashion runway makeup 
  • Bridal makeup that is long-wearing & mess free
  • Paramedical use (burns, scars, bruising) 
  • Camouflages acne, rosacea, wrinkles, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, & vitiligo (hypopigmentation) 
  • Covers tattoos, birthmarks, & varicose veins
  • Everyday flawless coverage for any woman 

Advantages of HedLux Airbrushing:

  • Easy-to-use water based formula allows artists to blend away mistakes & can be used with traditional applications 
  • Water-based formula hydrates, absorbs oil & provides antioxidants while remaining fragrance and silicone free
  • Best value & more applications with less product
  • Quiet, lightweight & portable
  • Unique technique allows more natural 3D effect 
  • HedLux Creator’s HD curriculum featured in the new Standard Makeup

This is for the compressor only!

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