KAI Captain Standard Razor (SC-CAPSDR)

KAI Captain Standard Razor

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Precision, quality, and design, come together in Kai Captain Standard Razor. This professional grade instrument will take you to the next level - nothing standard about it! 

This precise tool is suitable for shaving and hairdressing. Originally, it was designed for surgical use, so you can expect extraordinary sharpness and cutting edge durability.

Keeping a sharp blade in your razor is a golden rule in shaving. This razor lets you do that quickly and easily by allowing you to change your blade for a new, sharp one. It is specifically designed to take the Captain Titan Mild Series Blades (guard or no guard). The blade is stainless steel with 2 titanium coatings. 

These futuristic blades reside in an elegant, simple, black handle. It also folds closed to protect the blade and those wielding it. Cleaning is a breeze as the head can be dismantled and the razor rinsed with water. Or it can be disinfected, but do NOT use sodium hypochlorite. 

Available in folding or straight.

SKU: CAPSDR (folding), CAPSDJ (straight)