Tools & Accessories

  • Babe Keratin Bond Remover - 4 Fl Oz (KERATIN-BOND-REMOVER)


    Bond Remover - 4 Fl Oz

    When it's time to remove those beautiful Fusion extensions, we have the solution you need. It's our …

  • Babe Color Swatch


    Color Swatch

    Babe carries 34 fantastic hair colors. Have the Babe Color Swatch on hand to help select the best ma…

  • Babe Fusion Melting Connector


    Fusion Melting Connector

    When you're installing Fusion extensions, there’s a tool that you simply cannot do without. Ba…

  • Babe Hair Extension Brush


    Hair Extension Brush

    Your extensions are important and need to be treated with the utmost care. Extensions must be brushe…

  • Babe Loop Tool


    Loop Tool

    This time-saving tool is a must-have for the beaded I-Tip and Flat-Tip methods. About fifty beads ca…

  • Babe Monster Clips


    Monster Clips

    These special clips are just the thing for the professional stylist. Useful for keeping hair out of …

  • Babe Hair Protective Disc


    Protector Disks

    Made for the Fusion Method, these reusable protector disks keep hair safe and clean while applying t…

  • Babe Quick Pick Hair Parter


    Quick Pick Hair Parter

    We know you’re a busy bee, and saving time and energy is important to you. That’s why we…

  • Babe Silicone Beads - 100pcs (SB-CARAMEL)


    Silicone Beads - 100pcs

    These aluminum beads with inner silicone lining are the newest I-Tip bead. Silicone is soft and gent…